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Peaceful Sleep

The Peaceful Sleep Collection will soothe your soul allowing you to sleep like a baby again. The latest in technology is blended with traditional craftsmanship to produce this magnificent mattress. Individually wrapped coil springs are placed in such a way that the torso, which for most of us is heavier than our head or feet, is supported by a firmer coil allowing correct spinal alignment. Individually wrapped coils not only support perfectly, they reduce the sensation of rolling into your partner and they also reduce motion transfer which allows for a more peaceful sleep – hence the name.

The comfort of the Peaceful Sleep Collection is not generated through piles of foam that will collapse over time, but rather through the individual wrapped coil springs. Very little luxurious high density foam is added to create the prefect plush or firm sleep surface. If you have experienced being tossed around when your partner moves or you can’t get out of the ‘hole’ in the bed, you will absolutely enjoy a Peaceful Sleep from Sigma Mattress Factory.

The Peaceful Sleep Collection is available in both Plush or Firm Models

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