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Individually Pocketed Coil Spring Support System
The best of the best! The Individually Pocketed Coils Support System offers tremendous support without the draw backs of a Traditional Innerspring Coil System. Every coil flexes independently to mold to your individual curves. There is absolutely no transfer of motion, nor the sensation of rolling into your partner.

At Sigma Mattress Factory we design every bed utilizing the Individually Pocketed Support System with firmer coils below the middle third of your body and softer coils below your head and feet. The varied tensile strength of the Individually Pocketed Coil System work in harmony to keep your spine properly aligned for a better night sleep. With proper spinal alignment, blood flow is greatly increased. Oxygen rich blood is no longer restricted, muscles relax and rejuvenate and the need to toss and turn is reduced greatly. Also, the Individually Pocketed Coil System greatly reduces sleep interruptions because there is virtually no motion transfer across your mattress.

Sleep better and feel better with the Individually Pocket Coil Support System from Sigma Mattress Factory.  


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