Sigma Mattress Factory  
69 Garden Street, Feeding Hills. MA. 01030     Telephone: 413.847.1015    
Hand Made Mattresses    

Sigma Mattress Factory hand crafts each mattress using only the finest American products. No cutting corners, no skimping on materials, no inferior products, no disgruntled employees, no excuses ... just a hand crafted mattress using old world know how at a very reasonable price. Sigma Mattress Factory is a couple of guys, using their years of experience, manufacturing mattresses one at a time to provide a tremendous night sleep to customers who soon become friends. Sigma Mattress Factory is not a huge chain of trained robots cranking out items that give them the greatest commission. Alex and Jim are in business to offer you the very best mattress for years of service.

Hold your mouse over "Hand Made Mattress" list on the left column for a detailed listing of some of our mattresses, then click on the mattress name for additional information.

When is the last time you saw inside a mattress? At Sigma Mattress Factory we will not only show you the inside, we will take the time to explain the components and their function as well. We will also make recommendations to fulfill your needs and desires. We don't just sell mattresses ... we tailor comfort specifically for you ... at very reasonable prices. Stop by today.

Adding the individually pocketed micro-coils to the Soft Feather Mattress

Alex putting the final touches to the bottom of a mattress

Alex and Jim working together to form the hull shape of a boat mattress

The beginnings of an all natural mattress.

Adding pure latex to individually wrapped coil springs.
Hand sewing the organic cotton and Australian Jama wool together for a natural mattress Craftsmanship does not come from a machine or assembly line. Craftsmanship comes from a devoted individual who takes pride in his or her work. Sigma Mattress Factory builds their mattresses one at a time using Old World Craftsmanship and integrity if which we are proud.

The beginnings of a mattress for a 450 pound individual. Comfort does not come off a shelf.
Comfort is intentionally created to for each individual.
Sigma Mattress Factory - built in our factory, sold from our showroom - you will $ave!
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