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Gentle Touch Massage Mattress Topper
More than just a plush Mattress Topper, Sigma Mattress Factory has designed the "Gentle Touch" for you to enjoy the pleasures of the Spa in the privacy of your home.

The "Gentle Touch" remote allows you to isolate specific areas of your body ... across your shoulders, in the round of your back, along the length of your spine or across your thighs. With a push of the button you can increase the intensity of your massage from relaxing to invigorating. If you would prefer a whole body massage, simply activate the remote and enjoy the wave which cycles your massage beginning from your shoulders working systematically through your body to your thighs and then automatically reversing the “Gentle Touch” back through your body to your shoulders.

The "Gentle Touch" Massage Mattress Topper comes with a built in timer to allow you to thoroughly relax and drift off to a deeper more relaxing sleep.

BENEFICIAL EFFECTS of “Gentle Touch” Massage Mattress Topper
• Invigorating, fun and relaxing
• Helps alleviate pain by reducing inflammation due to swelling of joints
• Helps to increases circulation and facilitate movement
• Provides a unsurpassed comfort to your existing mattress

SPECIFICATIONS of “Gentle Touch” Massage Mattress Topper
• 3 inch ultra-plush Mattress Topper with fire retardant bottom
• 4 elastic anchor straps so securely adhere to any mattress

• 7 individual massage modules arranged in 4 zones
• 3 intensity levels
• 10 customized wave settings
• Pre-set 15 and 30 minute massage sessions                                    
• Low voltage transformer included

The "Gentle Touch" is available in King or Queen size which includes 2 individually controlled personal massage units; and Full or Twin Massage Mattress Toppers which include one massage unit.

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