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Choose Your Water Mattress

Softside Waterbeds are available in many options. At Sigma Mattress Factory, we pride ourselves on quality and selection. There are a vast array of combinations, to help avoid confusion we have simplified the process by including everything needed except for 2 main components of which you choose. The first is the water mattress or bladder. Once you choose your ideal water mattress, continue to the next step and select the top covering. Sigma Mattress Factory is partnering with United States Watermattress to design the perfect Floatation Support System just for you! 

Begin by selecting your water mattress. Choose from below.

Individual Hydraulic Tubes: This mattress system reduces the ‘mess’ of having to drag out the hose to fill the mattress or adjust the firmness. Each tube is labeled for firmness; the more water, the firmer the sleep surface. Simply fill each tube in the bathtub, and then lay within the bed

Individual Hydraulic Tubes reduce the side to side mattress motion. If you want to virtually eliminate motion, choose the Waveless Hydraulic Tubes.

Hydraulic Bladders: Commonly referred to as a water mattress is available as a single mattress which utilizes one thermostatically controlled heater, or as a dual system which includes 2 water mattresses, 2 thermostatically controlled heaters and a thermal barrier to allow individual temperature control. United States Watermattress reduces the sensation of motion in their systems by including layers of anti-bacterial, non-alergenic fiber sheets. In addition, they have added lumbar support panels to their waveless models.

Single Free Flow Hydraulic System              
 (0% wave reduction)   
Dual Free Flow Hydraulic System

 (0% wave reduction)

 Single Semi-Waveless Hydraulic System     
  (75% wave reduction)
 Dual Semi-Waveless Hydraulic System

   (75% wave reduction)


Single Waveless with Lumbar Support Hydraulic System   
(95% wave reduction) 
Dual Waveless with Lumbar Support Hydraulic System

(95% wave reduction)



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