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Air Chamber Support System

An Air Chamber Support System or ‘Air Mattress’ may bring images of a blow up mattress used as an extra ‘bed’ or that old camping mattress once used along the bottom of a tent. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Sigma Mattress Factory’s Air Chamber Support System offers customized support at the touch of a button. Sigma’s Air Chamber Support System gently cradles and supports your body, allowing you to sleep more deeply and awake feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized!

Air Bed Technology has been revolutionized by Select Comfort®, Sleep Number®, Comfortaire®, and others. Their research has shown that air mattresses gently cushion your body, reducing body pressure on the mattress surface which can provide pain relief to back, neck, shoulders, hips, etc. dramatically improving R.E.M or sleep cycles. Sigma Mattress Factory utilizes this revolutionary technology in each of our Air Chamber Support mattresses.

As with all of Sigma Mattress Factory’s Mattresses, quality is the foundation for our business. We choose to include the following with each Individual or Dual Air Chamber Support System:

  • 100% Vulcanized Rubber in our Air Chamber construction
  • Seams are molecularly double welded rather than simply glued
  • Ergonomically designed Controls
  • Digital Remote with an LED readouts
  • 40 Comfort settings with Personal Memory setting
  • Automatic Bed Fill
  • Ultra quiet pneumatic air pump
  • High Density foam support rails
  • Anti-microbial treated fabrics

Sigma Mattress Factory’s Air Chamber Support System lets you quietly adjust the firmness your mattress. Unlike a traditional mattress, you can change the firmness as your body requires.

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